The emergence of the internet has brought with it more specialised global markets and other foreign interdependencies which in turn have seen companies and professionals, almost regardless of their field of business, communicate with interlocutors and customers across the globe. These customers in turn are less and less geographically restricted to individual service or product providers. Your success depends on these customers and, no matter how distant, you must speak their language. Professional and timely communication has always a signal of quality which fosters trust and customer loyalty. We are the ideal language partner to deal with these new markets and make your foreign communication universally effective. Our range of services includes translations, reviews and interpreting in more than 60 languages.

These include:

• Arabic

• Bulgarian

• Czech

• Chinese

• Korean

• Croatian

• Danish

• Estonian

• Finnish


• Japanese

• Greek

• Hindi

• English

• Macedonian

• Norwegian

• Dutch

• Polish

• Portuguese

• Russian

• Slovenian

• Spanish

• Swedish

• German

• Hungarian

And many others as well!