Language courses for companies

Communication is at the basis of human relations.

It isn’t just an integral part of business and financial success, it is what defines us as humans.

That is why we believe in what we do.

Not only do we offer language solutions for employees, but we strive to provide and integration to foreign surroundings.

We recognise the existential difficulties many people have when moving to a new culture and we hope to provide comfort and acclimation to our clients.
We have extensive experience in the implementation of courses for companies.

With an analytical approach to corporate clients, we can address their needs and provide tailored programs focused on individual business interests.

Field Specific Business English Course offerings:

Commercial and Marketing – Administration and Finance – Production – Secretariat and Management Assistance – Logistics – Customer Care – Management – International Relations – Purchases – Human Resources – Problem Solving

Field Specific Tailor-made courses:

Mechanics – Textile – Paper Industry – Fashion/Accessories – Tourism – Boating – Engineering – Medicine/Pharmaceutics – Law – Food – Nursery – Forestation

Tailor-made programs based upon individual company needs: The European School of Governance (EUSG) conducts a preliminary interview with the company’s contact people to determine specific needs, fields of intervention and operational modes in order to enhance the effectiveness of courses.

After an analysis of educational needs and an assessment of knowledge levels, the language goals that every resource must achieve to satisfy company needs are set with contact people.

The aforementioned courses are available in the following languages:
English – German – Spanish – French – Russian – Chinese – Arabic – Italian for Foreigners