Property Auctions

Property Auctions

We offer advice on and assistance at judicial property auctions, helping our clients to purchase properties auctioned at the Court of Como at a price lower than their market value.

Our consultants can assist you in the purchase of your new home with professionalism and confidentiality, providing comprehensive assistance and information services for the purchase of properties at judicial auctions. We help those who want to buy homes at auction or during the pre-auction stage in full and final settlement make an excellent investment with considerable savings compared to the current property market value.

We are here to help you navigate the complexity of the procedures involved in buying at auction. Our personnel, made up of professionals in the field with diverse skillsets, can provide advice from both property and legal standpoints.

Why buy at auction with us?

Our truly specialised advisory centre, comprised of professionals and consultants in the property, legal, fiscal, administrative, financial, technical, and logistic fields, makes all the operational stages of auctions accessible to our clients, whether they are interested in property trading, holiday leasing, or private residence. 

When you hire Virtus Animi for auction assistance, we commit ourselves to seeing you through the entire process, right up to the turnkey handover of the property. 

Once you select the property in which you are interested, our consultants walk you through all the steps necessary to take part in the auction, submitting the application for participation, indicating details of the cheques to be deposited, providing the offer deposit if necessary, and attending the auction with you.

After the auction, in case of allotment, our consultants take care of all documentation related to the payment of the purchase price, decree registration, and the write-off of mortgage formalities, all this in close contact with the Court Registry or the person delegated to carry out the sale. Moreover, they will follow the property clearance procedure and related transfer of possession. 

We also provide accessory services (calculation of IMU or Local Property Tax, energy certifications, permits and licences, interior design, etc.) and, upon request, can take care of selling property previously purchased at auction.